Statement of the Legitimate Government of the Republic of Guinea Bissau in reaction to the events of 21 Oct

Tradução inglesa não oficial do comunicado do Governo Legítimo da Guiné-Bissau

Office of the Prime Minister

Legitimate Government of the Republic of Guinea Bissau


The Legitimate Government of the Republic of Guinea Bissau was surprised by the events that took place on Oct 21 that culled human lives and again jolted the entire Guinea Bissau population and placed it in a state of profound disquiet.  It condemns with full vehemence and repudiation this ignoble and unqualifiable act.

Moved by the nobility of spirit that underlies and always guided the acts of our legitimate government, not only as politicians with principles and values, but also as persons, we communicate to the entire Guinean people and the international community that (the government) never identified itself with violence and force as means to resolve and dispute, but with dialogue and good sense.

Since the coup d’etat of April 12, the Legitimate Government, imbued with a high sense of State and of responsibility towards the people of Guinea Bissau, elected active diplomacy as the instrument of its actions, alerting the international community about the real internal situation of the country, denouncing and informing at the highest competent international instances of the real goals of the putschist army and their partners.

Every diligence, with the support of democratic forces and lovers of peace, were promoted with the international authorized and competent instances such as the United Nations, the African Union, the EU, the CPLE and ECOWAS, which resulted in immense political and diplomatic gains, leading the international community to strengthen the isolation by way of the non-recognition of the putschits and the illegitimately imposed authorities.

It was with added concern that we registered the sign given on the 21st of this month, through an act of clear demonstration of the state of despair and disorientation in which the usurper of legitimate power find themselves and who in  a vain attempt whitewash, justify or try to divert attentions about the path to bankruptcy and internal implosion to which they are conducting the nation, forge a “mano militari”, throwing the blame on third parties (Portugal, CPLP, Carlos Gomes Junior), whose conduct does not tolerate acts of this nature.

So we alert to the clear intention of whitewashing (“branqueamento”) for, despite the explicit and repeated mention in the declarations issued by the illegitimate goverrnment, that the “staged coup d’etat” (“inventona”) would be headed by Capitão Pansau Intchama,  it is omitted in a deliberate way that he is a vital witness to the assassination of President João Bernardo Vieira, in fact with blunt affirmations of his participation at the behest of the current Chief of the Armed Forces.

For all this, we reiterate in a committed way to the Guinean people and to the international community and also to the forces of peace and to the defenders of the ideals of democracy and the democratic state, our firm determination to fight for the reestablishment of the legal constitutionality in the land of Amilcar Cabral and:

  1. Condemn vehemently the kidnappings, persecutions and beating of leaders and politicians who firmly oppose the coup d’etat, namely Incuba Indjai and Silvestre Alves;
  2. Condemn and repudiate the acts of invasion and vandalization of the PAIGC headquarters;
  3. Ask the United Nations to create an International Commission of Inquiry about the events of Oct 21 and the consequent responsibilization of its material and moral authors;
  4. Reiterate the request made to the Security Council for the urgent need to constitute a Criminal Court for Guinea Bissau
  5. Reaffirm the imperative need of an international force for Guinea Bissau, with an ample mandate, including to stop the abusive rulings and avoid more atrocities and more blood shedding.


Lisbon, October 23



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