Indecision plagues Guinea-Bissau reform –

BRUSSELS, Aug. 17 (UPI) — Regional differences and an inattentive international community raise concerns about political development in Guinea-Bissau, a non-conflict group said.

Military forces in mid-April surrounded the home of Guinea-Bissau Prime Minister Carlos Gomes in a coup just weeks before a runoff election.

A report from the International Crisis Group said global condemnation arose quickly but faded. Differences between regional blocs on the best way forward further complicated post-coup developments.

The report said consensus is needed among regional leaders on whether to support long-term transition or a quick presidential vote.

“Transitional structures are now in place, and new elections have been set for April 2013,” the ICG report read. “But the transition remains unsteady.”

Members of the U.N. Security Council in July expressed concern of the lack of reform in the security sector and control over drug trafficking in the country.

None of Guinea-Bissau’s elected leaders has finished a term in office since the country gained independence from Portugal in the 1970s. A coup attempt was thwarted in December

via Indecision plagues Guinea-Bissau reform –


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