ECOWAS STATEMENT ON GUINEA BISSAU ABUJA, Nigeria, April 20, 2012/African Press Organization APO/ —

The ECOWAS Commission has learnt with surprise the announced establishment of a so-called “Transitional National Council by the Military Command Junta and 24 political parties in Guinea Bissau to govern the country for a two-year period.

The Commission strongly condemns this illegal initiative, particularly after the Junta had given a written undertaking, following its meeting with a high-level ECOWAS Delegation in Bissau on 16 April 2012, to step aside to pave the way for the immediate return to constitutional normality with the facilitation of ECOWAS.

The Commission wishes to reiterate its rejection of the usurpation of power by the Military Command, and to make it known that it will never recognize any transitional arrangement emanating from the Junta.

ECOWAS reiterates its commitment to the immediate restoration of constitutional order in Guinea Bissau, whose modalities constitute the focus of on-going consultations with Bissau-Guinean stakeholders, and which shall also be discussed at an Emergency Summit next week.

H.E. Désiré Kadré OUEDRAOGOPresident of the ECOWAS Commission    Abuja, 19 April 2012

via ECOWAS STATEMENT ON GUINEA BISSAU « Database of Press Releases related to Africa – APO-Source.


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